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Kandace is a former “preschool mom” who has opened her own business. I made an appointment and in less than a week, she had a plan of action for me. I sat in her office crying (twice!) because she was the first person who took the time to listen to me, Assure me that it wasn’t all in my head, and make me feel like I was not a lost cause! If you are struggling with exhaustion and sleeplessness, hormonal issues, weight gain, and anxiety, she is ready to help! I am so fortunate to have found her and I cannot recommend her highly enough! .
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Friendly, thorough, knowledgeable and honest. Will definitely come back. Very happy with the results!
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Mid thirties and doing CrossFit multiple times a week, I started to accept I was just going to be constantly sore, have achey joints, and spend money on supplements to sleep better and recover at a formally normal rate. Thankfully Kandace reached out to our gym, Ft Ben Fit, and within a few hours of reviewing her website I had an appointment and was getting my blood drawn. She then spent time going through the 6 pages of results in detail and suggested ways to improve all variables. I started taking peptides and normalizing my hormone levels and within 4 weeks my body fat fell 2.3%. I put on 5lbs of muscle, my joint aches are gone, and I recover much quicker during and after workouts. I love that Kandace took a full body approach to my health instead of treating specific symptoms. I feel 10 years younger and love what it’s done for my workouts and confidence.

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